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While the Astronauts Are Away, the Aliens will Play.
July 9, 2021


The astronauts have gone on vacation and left us aliens in charge! We noticed they had too much inventory so we've put almost all of it on sale!! Go check out the "specials" tab on the website!! Some cold cup bundles are starting at 8.99!!

Sale will run until the astronauts get back on 7/17!!

New Inventory, Restock and So Much More!
July 4, 2021

We've been busy, and have stocked up on some new inventory!

  • Stainless Steel Skinny Tumblers
  • Six Colors of Mouse Ear 16 Oz. Tumbers
  • Two New Glitter Cold Cup Colors
  • Five New Single-Color-Changing Confetti Cups

As soon as 7/9/2021 we're planning to have even more new products on our site and ready for purchase! If you want exclusive sneak peaks and previews for our upcoming products follow us on Instagram, and keep an eye on our Stories. :)

-the Astronauts

Re-Stock FAQ
May 9, 2021

Re-Stock FAQ

Q: "When will you be re-stocking [insert item here]?"

A: Our re-stocks occur regularly. Fresh inventory is almost always on its way to us from our manufacturers, and can sometime get delayed for reasons beyond our control. For those reasons mentioned (and others), it is not possible for us to give you a pinpoint date for when a particular product will be restocked.

The best thing we can suggest is that if the item still exits as a product on our store, it is an item that we plan to restock; and should be available again soon.

We'll start using this blog to announce product release more regularly, and keep you up to date with new arrivals. Also, head over to and turn on post notifications from us. We post inventory changes, and new products there regularly!

Thanks for your continued support.

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